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Every Human Has A Story … So Does Every Dog!! 

With over 100 stories from Dogs In Melbourne….and the Humans who love them, this is the ultimate book for dog lovers, Melbourne lovers and everyone else!

A gorgeous coffee table book that will keep you and others entertained for years to come.

Some of the stories have to be read to be believed! From Steph, the survivor of the New Zealand volcano with her gorgeous dog Arlo, to Ineka who has shed over 80kg with her puppy Bella, there are just so many fantastic tales.
I have interviewed some of the most amazing pooches and their doting humans and I’ve been bought to tears, laughed so hard it hurt and have had the biggest smile on my face the whole time!
Dogs play such an important part in Humans lives and what this experience has taught me is that they are the best kind of social glue. They bring strangers together and can take your day from bad to great in a heartbeat.

I have also included in the book a space for you to add a photo of your dog and their story which I think will appeal to everyone but especially to kids! (please note: I mean a space for you to literally paste in a photo and write the story).

Get Your Dogs Name In The Book!

That’s right, if you purchase a book in the presale you can get your dogs name in the book! I will put all the names into a collage which will cover the back inside cover!
A copy of the book will then be sent to The National Library of Australia where it will remain forever so you know it will be around for years to come.
All you need to do is put their name in the “SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS TO SELLER” that pops up when you add the book to your cart. I have included a photo below to help.

Please put your dogs full name as there are a lot of “Rosie” annd Rex” puppies out there! So for example it would be “Rex Cincotta” for me.
If you don’t want to put a dog name in the book you can also put whichever other name you’d like, making this a perfect gift for someone! You could even be so cheeky as to put a cat’s name in the book 😉



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