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The best thing about getting a Starting Over Pet Rescue Dog, is that you know you are giving a dog who was once unwanted, a new life.

Starting Over Rescue Dogs are tested in a home for at least 2 weeks before being placed in the community.

You will get a 3 day cooling off period with your money back. Any longer than this period is not in the best interests of the dog.

To be moving dogs around constantly is both unsettling for the dog and very costly to the organisation taking away foster care spots for dogs on the euthanasia list.

We also can arrange a foster to adopt, if you would like a certain breed.

If you are adopting a dog you need to put plans in place to make it work, and this can take some time so please assess your environment, finances and other pets thoroughly before committing to adopting one of our precious dogs. Rescue dogs need time, security and routine.

If you can not provide these things please reconsider.

Many of our dogs have come from death row through no fault of their own, just by the owners not bothering or unable to rehome their dogs themselves.

Getting a matured dog doesn’t leave many surprises.

You know how big the dog will grow, you see the temperament and you see how it responds in your environment.

You are not feeding the puppy farm trade by buying from pet shops, and you are freeing up another space in the pound for another lost soul.

You pay a fraction of what you would pay for pet shop dog or from a breeder. What more could you ask for?



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