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Our fur babies make a house a home.  They are an integral part of our family unit. What would life be like without someone watching us intently while we eat?? Those little eye movements and noises they make; you can see their minds ticking over that THIS time they will get a little treat!

Or the times that you have to jump into bed as quick as you can because you know your gorgeous shadow will also join you and hog most the bed and make it difficult to get the covers up.

Not to forget the crazy excitable welcome you get every time you come home. whether you’ve been gone 5 mins or 5 hours….there is no love like it!

Then the dreaded day comes…when the barking stops, the leftovers get scrape into a bin instead a bowl and you walk into your house at the end of a hard day and its quiet. Sadly, our best friend will eventually leave us with nothing but memories of how life was like with them in it.

At Wilomark, we capture your furbaby’s personality, the essence of who they are as well as the relationship between them and the entire family.

We immortilise them, creating a legacy to show not only their unique personality but the love and connection you share. They may only be in our lives for a short time but the impressions they leave in our hearts run very deep.

This is way we aim to create beautiful PAWtraits that express your relationship and strive to capture memories that you can treasure long after your pet leaves your side.

PAWtrait Sessions and

My Buddy and Me Sessions take place in our relaxed, private studio and are low-pressure and fun-filled to allow your pet’s unique look and personality to shine!

Before your session, I will talk to you about what makes your pet special and whether there is anything quirky about their personality.

There is always a degree of luck in capturing that unique moment. Don’t worry though, with some planning, and a bit of patience (and of course a little food bribery), I usually manage to get something pretty special.

Give your pet its own PAWtrait session, or get the entire family photographed with a My Buddy and Me Session, the choice is yours.




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